Partner with Upman

Partner with Upman

You’ll expand, you’ll earn and you’ll be a part of one of the biggest search firms

If you’re reading this, then you must be a recruiter/HR professionals and we’re glad that we’re able to reach out to you. Whether you’re freelance recruiter, working HR, a start up recruiter or an opportunity seeker, we’re eager to help you grow your business.

You might be doing good as a recruiter, HR professionals or an Independent recruitment business owner – we want you to do better. We’re not magicians, we’re one of the leading Global Search Firms, who understands the pain points of the recruiters, and believe in the power of collaboration.

While others would want to acquire/hire you for building their businesses, Upman Placement – on the contrary –  is extending its business support to other recruiters for increasing their businesses.


Ans. Upman envisions to create a formidable global team, this is just the initial step towards the goal.

Ans. We’ve a model for every recruiter who is passionate about recruiting and diligent in its approach. Right from a fresher to an early stage startup to an experienced Human Resource Professional. There is something for everyone.

Ans. No, only incompetence, unwillingness and unprofessionalism will work against you.

Ans. Every model has its own set of advantages, but, if your question consults business, then Yes, upman will help its partners in business.

Ans. Depends on the model you choose. But, not all our models demand an investment. Some model work only on time, energy and handwork.

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