Company Profile

UpMan Placements is one of the leading global executive search firms. We are known for our prompt and accurate delivery of the right executive talent appendaged by methods of employee retention. We achieve high quality results because of our unique & prolific combination of global experience, well trained consultants, superior local/regional & International presence, in-depth market knowledge and a 17+ years of promising history.

Upman Placements is a firm of Researchers & Recruitment Professionals, who walk with a reliable multilingual and multifacet recruitment experience. The company started its operations in 2002 in India as a recruitment specialist firm. Over the years, the company, brick by brick, has built a stellar reputation in the recruitment landscape.

Today, Upman Placements spreads across in more than 20 countries, helping industries build a strong Human Capital. Upman has helped companies with recruitment in India, Europe, United Kingdom, Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei and East & Central African countries.

Talent Credentials

“UpMan Placements” offers a full range of flexible recruitment consultancy services. We work on a retainership & contingent basis to provide a holistic, contractual or interim consultancy services to fulfill the needs of our clients.

Our flawless and seamless Skill Mapping competency between JD and Resumes in minimal time, has been a value proposition for our clients.

Training & Consulting


Learning comes from practice & training, and what makes it relevant and absorbing is the manner in which it is imparted & experienced. For your human capital to peak their best performance, Upman creates adaptive learning and development frameworks with content which could make learning process exciting and implanted.

Upman assists the Internal training team of organizations to improve their existing content (by means of games, anecdotes, video clips), or to even create new content, right from scratch. Upman also conducts “Train the Trainers” workshops to develop content execution competency amongst the trainers and the leaders of the organizations in delivering the entire framework.


Coaching senior leaders transitioning into new roles. Assisting them in following the “First 90 Days” Roadmap. This intervention follows the Michael Watkins coaching framework. It involves one-on-one sessions and regular phone calls with the new leaders. It also involves creating working plans, and personal development plans with the manager to help them succeed in new roles.

Leadership Excellence

First Time Managers

The program empowers Fresh Managers(or potential managers), who have just been alleviated to the position of a team leader.

Mid Level Managers

This program helps in increasing the proficiency of the existing managers, who may or may have practised a structured training module in the past. These would be managers who have probably honed their management skills, either by trial and error methods, or by observing other managers.

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